About Jennos Web Design

Jennos Web Design is a web design and web development company offering web page design, web development, responsive web design, branding, online marketing, SEO optimization to companies and individuals worldwide, both large and small.

Jennos Web Design was founded out of a strong passion for web development. Learning many things website related became breakfast, lunch and dinner. From learning design concepts, to writing code to make things work the way you want it to, all lead to the end package that we are now. Due to our deep passion and enthusiasm for coding, we are able to modify web page and websites beyond what a template can offer. It ensures that we can give your website the look, feel, dynamism and uniqueness that it needs.

We are client oriented. At the end of the day, whatever we do, we do it for you the esteemed clients. We keep up to date with the latest online trends, which is to ensure that our clients do not get left behind the rest of the world. We listen to our clients about their vision and we work closely in getting them there. What we give our clients’ are sleek looking sites, increased traffic to their site and ways to turn that traffic into leads. Our team is ready to serve you!


Our Philosophy

Without you our clients being successful, we have no success. it’s that simple!